Tips To Have A Happy Indoor Cat

While cats seem to require much less attention than some other pets, keeping a cat indoors could ultimately make them stir crazy if they aren't getting daily stimulation to their natural instincts.

As we know, cats are natural hunters. You may have even adopted a cat with hopes that they will cure your home of its incessant mouse infestation. But what happens when you're at work all day, and all of the mice are caught? Chances are, your cat is BORED. Here are some tips and tricks to make sure your cat is happy at home, and living life to their full potential.

  1. Cat Toys!

"Thank you, Captain Obvious" Let me explain! You probably already have a thousand toys that just sit in a pile, untouched by your fur friend since they day you bought them. Well, just like us, cats have preferences. Chances are, the same toys that used to be their favorite get kind of boring after a while. It's best to be sure that your cat has an assortment of cat toys that suit every need: hunting, chasing, crunching, and jumping. Our favorites are the mice teasers, crinkle balls, and springs.

2. YouTube

Have you ever been to the cat section of YouTube before? It's a magical place where people upload videos with one purpose -- to entertain your cat! We always have it playing at the cafe, so our cats can satisfy those hunting needs by stalking some birds on a TV! It's always a fan favorite among the crowd!

This option is safer than letting your cat venture the outdoors alone, and can keep them entertained for hours on end. If possible, it's nice to leave this playing in your home while you are gone for the day. This way they can watch whenever they please!

3. Cat Trees

Cats love to climb, and they will find a way to do so whether you have a designated spot for this activity or not! Cat trees come in all different shapes and sizes, and most come with built in toys to keep your kitty entertained while they explore their new territory. They make for great sleeping areas, and help to give your cat the feeling that they have the higher ground from all predators. You can really never go wrong by getting them a cat tree!

4. Window Hammocks

While Cat YouTube is a great option to show your cat when they feel the need to hunt, there's nothing quite like the real thing. Set up a spot just for your kitty in any window of your house. This way they can watch wildlife from the comfort of their own bed. It's likely to become their favorite place to spend their days.

5. Catnip

Catnip has a unique effect on cats that can keep them stimulated and happy. It is a plant in the mint family that contains a natural oil called Nepetalactone. This acts as a natural cat pheromone, and when inhaled or chewed can give them a natural high feeling that is temporary. Many cat toys contain catnip, and cats tend to go CRAZY over them.

We especially notice the YEOWWW brand is favored among the cats we have at the cafe.

Other catnip products include Cat Wine, which is liquid catnip for your cat to enjoy as you sip a glass of your own! This is a great way to feel connected to your cat while keeping them excited and playful.

You can purchase YEOWWW products and Cat Wine right in our cafe, so stop by and grab some for your cat today!

6. Treat Hunting

Some toys are designed to release treats when swatted and played with! This allows your cat to hunt and receive satisfaction after their "kill". This will give them the sense of accomplishment that they crave with their natural hunting instincts! You can stock these toys with treats while you are away for the day, and they have something to hold their attention for hours! You can easily find these toys located in your local pet store, or even on!

7. Exercise

While there are all of these options for your cat while you are away or busy, it is very important for you to reserve time in your day to spend with your cat! Grab a toy and dedicate at least 15-30 minutes getting your cat to run and chase. This will help them to get some exercise and also help you form a closer bond with your fur baby. They will appreciate the undivided attention, and it will help them stay fit and slender. Daily exercise is crucial for a healthy cat.