Meet Some of our Youthful Seniors!

Kittens, kittens, kittens; our seniors have heard it all before.

Of course! They're super cute, super fun, and have got a lot of life to live. But our seniors are here to let you know that there's nothing like a mature cat to spend your days with.

Many people subconsciously turn a blind eye to the older bunch at the cafe. What they don't know, is these are some of the best years of their lives! They are mellow, loving, and sure of themselves. They know what makes them happy, and most of the time it is just having the lap to sit on of someone who loves them.

Cats are considered seniors starting at the age of 11. The average lifespan of a cat is 2 to 18 years old (and it is not uncommon to see a cat age well into their 20's). So 11 years old is really when these cats should retire, and spend the rest of their years on a beach sipping Piña Coladas!

Okay, so they may not be traveling to Punta Cana anytime soon, but they can age gracefully in the comfort of your home!

Some things that differentiate a senior from a kitten are:

  1. Seniors are mellow - they are happy sleeping the day away in a comfy spot, or sitting on your lap purring their hearts out!

  2. Seniors are less active, meaning you don't have to spend as much time getting out their energy and keeping them entertained.

  3. Seniors love predictability - sticking with the same old routine will never be boring. Life to them is perfect as-is; no need to change things up!

Meet Alfalfa and Rascal

Alfalfa and Rascal found themselves residents of the cafe after the sudden and unexpected passing of their owner.

These boys are bonded brothers who have been together since the very beginning of it all - 13 years ago! They are from the same litter, and need to remain together at all costs.

Alfalfa is the friendliest boy you will ever meet. He loves treats and has the softest meow you will ever hear. Alfalfa loves to be held and soaks up all of the attention he is given (he even gives kisses!!) He makes sure to check in on his brother Rascal at least once a day -- we cannot get enough of him.

Rascal is a sweetheart that has not one mean bone in his body. He is the more timid of the two, but we are positive that in the right home he would really open up. He loves to hang out by his brother's side all day long, and he could never get tired of being pet.

These two boys deserve a quiet home where they can enjoy each others company for the rest of their lives. They are in great health, you would even believe that they are 13 years old!

Meet Lily

Just look at this face. Have you ever seen something so precious?

Lily is 12 years old and an absolute doll! She loves to lay right in the middle of the floor of the cafe, so everyone can surround her. Lily can never have too much attention.

We call Lily "our little ballerina" because she always sits with her paws in first position. If you sit down near Lily, she will come over and demand to be placed in your lap. She is loving, kind, beautiful, and patient. She is everything most people are looking for in a cat, yet she has been at the cafe for severals months and is constantly overlooked for her age!

Lily deserves a chance at living out her golden years with someone who loves her to pieces. Lily needs cozy blankets, loving arms, and all of the treats in the world.

Meet Gucci

Gucci is our hunk of a man! He is 12 years old and is everything (and more) that you could ever hope for in a cat!

Gucci is fairly new to our cafe and we can see how desperately he wants to be in a home again. While the cafe is better than being in a cage at a shelter, Gucci came from a loving home where he didn't have to share his space with anyone besides his sister Shadow.

Gucci is diabetic, which makes it even harder for him to find an adopter. Gucci needs someone who is going to take a chance on him and give him the golden years he deserves. He still has so many wonderful years to live with his future adopters!

Success Story

Seniors are not new to the cafe. We always have the older folk coming and going. Here is one of our favorite success stories:

Leslie came to our cafe after the passing of her owner. She was 17 years old (WOW--a Super Senior) and had no idea what happened to her comfortable life. This girl had never known a home with anyone but herself -- so you can only imagine how her transition to a cafe with over 20 cats at a time went.

It's safe to say Leslie was completely MISERABLE. That is until someone took a chance on her. A couple had heard about her story and inquired about her. After meeting her they decided she would be the perfect addition to their family.

They didn't let her age stop them. They ignored the idea that she may not have as much time with her as they would with a kitten. They accepted her for who she is and gave this precious girl another chance at living the best life.

Well here she is now, surrounded by fluffy blankets and big windows for bird watching. She has parents that love her for exactly who she is, and she has become the loving Leslie that we had never been able to see at the cafe. Now she spends every night making muffins! Leslie got her second chance, and seeing her this happy is a feeling that will last a lifetime.

Leslie, 17 years old!

Let Leslie's story convince you to take a second look at those cats that are considered seniors -- and even to take a chance on those that come across as cranky in a cafe setting.