Bonded Pairs: They Belong Together

We love our bonded pairs at the cafe -- mostly because they show us how strong love truly can be. "But how do you know when cats are even bonded?"

Leo (orange) and his sister Laila

Chances are, you'll know it when you see them.

Cats are very social animals, and when they form connections like these with each other, it is impossible to separate them. Imagine the closest relationship you have right now. Can you picture a life without that person? Absolutely not! Well, cats feel the same, and here at The Shabby Tabby we take pride in making sure these lovebugs find homes where they can be loved together.

Currently at the cafe, we have 11 cats that found their significant others. Ivy & Evie; Rascal & Alfalfa; Jasper boy, Laila & Leo (the trio); Ritz, Lucy, Downy, and Crybaby (the family).

So yes, we have a group of four cats that are absolutely in love and must find a home together. Ritz, Lucy, Downy, and Crybaby are a family, and they made it clear to us from the first day we met them. We like to explain it as: Ritz and Lucy are the married couple; then you have Downy and Crybaby, who are their two children. Ritz is the father who makes sure everyone in his family is fed before he takes his food. He makes sure they have places to sleep comfortably before he finds a resting place of his own. It is a relationship dynamic that we have yet to see before them, and we are completely dumbfounded by how in love they are. Even customers have witnessed their relationship and donated money to their adoption fees to ensure that they stay together!

Ritz bathing his son Crybaby

We understand how hard it is for these cats to find homes that are willing to welcome them altogether (hearing four cats need to be adopted together is overwhelming to even the biggest cat lover) -- but we know it would be even harder for them to live without each other. So we feel we are lucky to have them for as long as it takes, until the right person comes along for them.

If you remember in the last blog post "Why a Cat Cafe?", I mentioned that I had intended on only adopting one cat, but ended up with two. Well the cat I fell in love with had a brother, and it was made clear to me that if I wanted her, he was part of the package deal. Let me tell you, this was the best thing that ever happened to me. Seeing them interact together is unlike anything else; not to mention, her brother is the sweetest boy on the whole planet and makes my life complete. I couldn't imagine he not be a part of my life -- some of the best things in life really do come from the unexpected.

The takeaway from my story is that even if you had zero intentions of adopting more than one cat, it may be a blessing in disguise to go home with two (or more) cats that are already in love. You are only multiplying the amount of love you bring into your home.

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