Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of food do you serve?

Included with the $15 admission price, hot coffee, hot chocolate, and tea come unlimited for the entire hour. We also sell other drinks, snacks and baked goods for an additional cost.

Can I bring my own cat?

Please do not bring your own cat to the cafe. Our cats that currently live here are settled into their environment and would like to spend all of their time with you, not more cats!

Do I need an appointment?

Yes, it is best if you make an appointment so that you are guaranteed admission at your desired time. Walk-ins are welcome, however we do have to follow COVID protocol and can only have a certain amount of people per time slot, so it isn't always guaranteed.

Where do you get your cats?

We are partnered with an animal rescue, Almost Home, that rescues all of their cats from kill shelters, the streets, poor living environments, etc.  

Is there an age requirement?

No, there is no age requirement! Cats can be temperamental, especially when being held or touched in a way that does not please them, and they may show this through hissing/ scratching/ biting. It is important that any children who visit understand this and use caution when handling any cat.

I found a homeless cat, can I bring it to you?

Unfortunately we cannot take any animal that is found since the cats that reside in our cafe are already vetted. We would love to refer you to shelters that are willing to take in homeless cats, such as Almost Home!

where are you moving?

We are moving one block away, closer to the main village in Sayville! The space is much bigger to suit our growing needs! It is our dream cafe, and we can't wait to show you on May 1st!

I want to adopt, what is the adoption process?

Yay! You found the one! Now you can fill out our application and hold form! The adoption fee is $125 and we will need a $25 non-refundable deposit to put a hold on the cat of your choice. Please bring a drivers license, and you can expect a phone interview within the next few days!

Can I come and shop without experiencing the cat room?

Absolutely! If you're allergic or cats aren't necessarily your cup of tea, and you're not so sure you want to spend a whole hour with them, we invite you to come visit our store! Browse our merchandise or grab a drink and a snack! Our cats reside in a large room that can be looked upon while shopping around our store, but they are completely separated. So feel free to stop by without booking an experience with our cats!